Waterford On The Alafia



WPOA Meeting Look for an email for time and dates  

Taxing District Budget Meeting - Look for an email with location- 2nd Monday each month at 7:30 PM
Agendas:  Both the WPOA and Taxing District have the /same basic agenda format from month to month.  The agenda is:

Call to Order

Confirm Quorum

Approval of Minutes

Financial / Budget Review

Old Business

New Business

Next Meeting (Location of)

Call to Adjourn 

General Information, Legal and Safety Notes:  Grants applied for and completed

WPOA Drip Water Grant Application  I  (2009)
WPOA Drip Water Grant Application  II (2010)
WPOA Park Mini Grant                         (2010) 

There are a number of residents in the community whose children have access to motorized scooters and mini-cycles. These vehicles are governed by the county so please review county operating and safety instructions at the following site.

          Motorized Scooter, Moped and Mini Cycles