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WPOA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Front Gate: 
Where can I get a gate opener? 
Gate openers can be purchased from the WPOA for $15.00

Why are the gates open sometimes during the day?
The gates are on a timer in order to provide access for the school buses. 

                       They open each morning at approximately 7:10 AM and close at 7:30 AM

                       They open each afternoon at approximately 2:15 PM and close at 2:30 PM

Can I let someone in without buzzing the gate from my phone?
The gates will open if someone keys a # and a special 4 digit code (i.e. # 1234). 

            This special access code can be obtained from the WPOA  but should only be shared with trusted people.

Security Issues:

Can I get access to the gate security cameras?
If you feel you need this access, please send a request to the WPOA board via email:  Waterfordpoa@Yahoo.com.

 Who do I report security issues to? 
For any type of security or health emergency, you should immediately dial 911. 

            If it is an issue that you feel the community can address, please go to the "Issues & Polls" page on this site and follow the directions for                             submitting an issue. 

Trash Pick up / Recycling: (if it is a holiday we will get skipped and pick up will resume on our next scheduled day)

          Trash............   Twice a week on Tuesday and Friday
          Recycling.......   Once a week on Tuesday
          Yard Waste.....  Once a week on Tuesday

Watering Days:
What days can I water?
  To determine your watering days please visit the Hillsborough County website (for Unincorporated areas)