WSDD Taxing District  Waterford Special Dependent (WSDD -- AKA Taxing District) 

The Waterford Special Dependent District is a public entity charged by the Waterford Property Owners Association with the collection of community assessments and the maintenance of the common areas.  The WSDD was created / registered with the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners and the Florida Secretary of State in 1995 under 
Ordinance 95-7 and has since been modified twice by ordinances 98-24 and 09-39. The County also provides the WSDD with a handbook that outlines their financial responsibilities, reporting obligations, record retention, and other general responsibilities.
The WSDD board is made up of 7 members (trustees) per the Ordinance and they are all community members and are elected for 
four year terms.  The current members of the board are:

Current board with Term Expiration
                      President..........      Vince Grizio             Sep. 2024
                      Vice President....     Adam Lombardo      Sep. 2024
                      Treasurer..........      Janet Hamm            Sep. 2024
                      Secretary..........      Vacant                    Sep. 2022
                     Trustee.............       Jennifer Miller          Sep. 2024

                      Trustee.............      Shawn Brown          Sep. 2026
                      Trustee.............      Dawn Wilson           Sep. 2026

                      Trustee.............      John Chung             Sep. 2026

The WSDD Board meets on the Second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM at a location to be emailed and/or posted on the community bulletin board.  The minutes for
the most recent and past meetings of this Board can be found at the following location: WSDD Minutes.  

Contact Information for the WSDD board is:
     Mailing address: 13317 Waterford Run Dr., Riverview, FL 33569
     Phone: 813-309-5218
     WSDD Registered Agent: Vince Grizio

     HOA President: Jennifer Miller

Special Notes: (Election of members)
The WSDD Board as established in Ordinance 95-7 has a total of seven (7) elected Trustee positions.  The Trustees each serve four (4) year terms and the elections are held in even years with approximately half of the board's Trustee's being up for election in any given election year.   After the election, at the first meeting with the newly elected Trustees, the WSDD board positions are "re-assigned / established" (i.e. Trustees are not elected to a specific position).  Any registered voter who is a member of the district and who so desires can run for election to the board.  While vacancies on the board are normally filled through the county election process, if there are no candidates or only four (4) candidates, the WSDD Board can simply appoint Trustees without going through the election process. 

For anyone interested in going through the election process the following process and forms will have to be completed.  
Special District Qualifying Packet
Special District program

The current assessment is $1,100 per year.  It  is an annual assessment and is collected in your Hillsborough County tax bill as a 
non-ad valorem tax (code SD 00048).  This assessment covers a calendar year (Jan- Dec) of the year you pay your taxes in. (i.e. tax year 2022 would cover 1/1/22 - 12/31/22).  The WSDD has a fiscal year of October 1 - September 30.  To learn more see the above link Special District program.  

The tentative budget and adopted budget is posted on the WSDD Minutes tab.  If there are any amendments to the budget they will also be posted there.


The WSDD is held to a code of Ethics which can be found at select "Ethics Laws"

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