Waterford Special Dependent District (WSDD) Documents

Procedures: (Still under development)

The Waterford Special Dependent District has developed a number of procedures to aid in the administration of business.  These procedures are as follows:

          Project Management
Budget Preparation Guide (2012)
          Front Gate Maintenance (See WSDD Handbook)
Purchasing Policy

Contracts & Insurance Policies: (Restricted access. Ask a Waterford Board member by sending an email to Waterfordpoa@Yahoo.com to obtain access)

     Common Wall / Area Painting
          2001 (Bartlett) 
          2008 (Divine)

     Front Gate Maintenance (2009 - annual)
     Landscaping (2014)
     Park Bridge (2009)
     Street Paving (2006)
     Insurance: GL/Prop/D&O Bond (2011)

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