The Waterford Property Owners Association (WPOA) was first established by the Developer in 1984 however since the early 90's, the Association has been controlled by the Property Owners.  The legally stated charge of the Property Owners Association is to maintain the common grounds and protect the investment of Property Owners through the enforcement of mutually agreed upon covenants designed to maintain the grand design of the community. 

Waterford Property Owners Association
This association is comprised of any person or entity who is the owner of record of the fee interest in any lot within the Waterford community.  The board of Directors for this association is charged with enforcing the communities covenants and maintaining the common grounds of the community.  The board is governed by 
Florida Statutes and the communities By-Laws and Covenants as registered with the State of Florida.  To aid existing and new board members in the accomplishment of their duties a WPOA Handbook has been developed that provides a delineation of responsibilities and a timeline for board activities.

Pursuant to the above and other stated duties, the WPOA board has outsourced some day to day activities as follows:

Maintenance of Common Grounds:    
Outsourced to: Waterford Special Dependent District

Note:  This enables the individual homeowners within the community to deduct this portion of their WPOA assessments in the same manner as their property taxes.

Enforcement of community covenants:      Performed by WPOA Board.

The current members of the Waterford Property Owners Association (WPOA) Board are:

               President..................     Jennifer Miller
               VicePresident............     John Hamm
               Secretary..................     Nilma Baez
               Treasurer..................     Frank Bragg
               Members at Large......     Josh Potter

The WPOA meets the second Monday of the month at 7:30 PM following the WSDD meeting. The WPOA budget, minutes of the most recent and past meetings can be found at the following link: 
WPOA Minutes

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