Waterford On The Alafia


Several formal and ad-hoc committees exist within the Waterford community.  

Formal:  Waterford Architectural Committee 

This committee was formally established in the community By-Laws and was intended to maintain the architectural flavor of the community.  The there are no standing members of this committee. The committee is formed whenever there is an issue to evaluate. 

Current Board of Directors
For a list of the communities Architectural Guidelines, together with all items brought before the committee and their ultimate resolution              see 
Architectural Guidelines and Decisions

Informal:  Waterford Social Committee 

This committee is just what you think it is and seeks to maintain a friendly atmosphere within the community by holding periodic events such       as cook-outs, happy hours, etc.  The members of this committee vary by event. For information regarding this committee contact any board member or send an email to Waterfordpoa@Yahoo.com.